Massage is a great thing and works to relieve pain, enhance blood flow and relieve lymphatic congestion. It is also great for relaxation, the benefits of massages are numerous and people can benefit from conventional massage. However, it may not be a panacea for everyone. Some look to muscle massage to be done by chairs instead of the expense and time of seeing registered massage therapist in person.

How well massage chairs actually work depends on the sort of chair you buy. Some are quite beneficial to the body, and therapeutic whereas others may give someone just a superficial massage.

For those who want to get superior muscle massage, a licensed massage therapist is probably in order, some massage chairs are good but have limitations. Human beings provide the best muscle massage overall.

This being said, there are some chairs that work to give the recipient a pretty good massage. Chairs by Osaki are very well reviewed, as is one called Human Touch PC 85000 Zero Gravity. Read reviews, of chairs before deciding on one to use. The best massage chairs may cost more than 1,500 dollars.

Seated chair massage in the workplace

Something a little different today guys, with working so much I often get asked about my chair arrangements and how i manage to sit such long hours so thought I would go indepth over it.

We all know that office work space can be quite stressful, and since we spend there about 40 hours a week, this can very easily affect our daily lives. So what can employers do to alleviate that stress?

One of the answers that is gaining popularity lately is seated chair sports massage. Some companies offer them at times of high stress, although many companies now offer them also on a regular basis. This is a fully clothed massage performed by a professional therapist in a chair that is designed specifically for massage. It is relatively cheap (10-15 dollars per person), and it takes only about 15 minutes, but it can have a lasting effect that goes on for even weeks.

Seated chair massage is excellent for combating health issues that usually arise on account of office work – it relieves backache, straining of the neck, but also boosts blood circulation as well as lowers blood pressure.

Furthermore, it significantly reduces stress and depression caused by the workplace (some studies suggest up to even 85%!), and increases morale and productivity. An employer that incorporates chair massages into the workplace is showing that he cares for his employees’ health and well-being, which will certainly make them more loyal and competitive.