Sometimes, keeping your family and guests from spilling on your valuable sofa set may seem like the most unachievable feat. Upholstered furniture certainly doesn’t come cheap, that is why most of us spend a good chunk of our time to make sure that they are always sparkling and in top-notch condition. However, cleaning upholstery and carpeting is an art mastered by very few and only those that wield the essential skills emerge successful. Now that you are eager to get enlightened on the cleaning secrets, let’s have a look at important sofa cleaning methods you need to know.

Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning:

Fabric Check – before anything else, identifying the type of fabric on your sofa or carpet should be the first step. This is simply because different materials call for different cleaning approaches. If your sofa sports a synthetic fabric such as nylon or polyester, cleaning a stain should be a cup of tea. On the flipside, if the material used consists of a natural fabric, it would be in your best interest to perform a spot check using a small chunk on the back side of the sofa, to ensure that the cleaning agent won’t bleach or stain the furniture further. In a nutshell, any upholstery with over 50% cotton is best cleaned by professionals. The same applies in carpet cleaning.

Fast Approach – to get rid of a stain, it is always advisable to treat it while still fresh. This means that your safest bet lies in acting in timely fashion every time there is a spill or smudge. According to cleaning experts, the longer you let a stain rest, the more headaches you get while cleaning. Also worth noting is that moisture is the main enemy when it comes to upholstery, sofa and carpet cleaning. In short, the less water used in cleaning a stain, the better it is for your fabric. For great results, go for sanitary and baby wipes to mitigate the effects caused by a spill. This is because they have the perfect balance of soap and water, besides the fact that it evaporates quickly.

Professional Cleaning Service- there comes a time when the only option you have is to contact a professional cleaning company to get the job done; regardless of how skillful you are. Stubborn stains such as grease, oil and ink can provide a challenge even with the best detergent or cleaning agents around. To get your sofa back to tip-top condition, you may require a combination of skill, equipment and experience. However, if the stain is still fresh and not that alarming, there is something you can do to reverse the mess. For oily and greasy stains, sprinkle small pinches of cornstarch, salt and baby powder on the fabric and then rub it in using a dry fabric, to absorb the grease effectively. Once you are certain that the patch is dry, brush off the debris of grease and powder using a damp piece of cloth.In upholstery and carpet cleaning, the most important step is the approach. Remember that your sofa is probably where you spend most of your time while at home hence important to vacuum regularly.